Summer Reading 2020

This summer LSDO middle school students should self select and read at least one book. Below is the 2020-2021 SC Junior Book Award Nominee list as a starting point. Students can also choose from the 2020-2021 SC Children’s Books Award Nominee list. Eighth grade and English I Honors students can choose a book from the SC Young Adult Book Award Nominee list, but it is not a required list. **Notice for Parents/Guardians: Young Adult titles often cover mature subject matter and may include strong language. Parents/guardians should review the chosen title to determine if the book seems appropriate for their student reader.**

Use the links below to learn more about specific titles:
Common Sense Media
SC DISCUS (Novelist K-8 is a resource database that contains credible book reviews, read alikes, and general information for children’s books. It can be accessed easily in any school or public library however if you anywhere else, you will need the username and password. To obtain this, call 803-821-1700, email Sharmen Oswald, the GMS School Librarian, or call your local public library.)